Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tools: Swiss Army Knife

I mentioned in my first post that a tool that you mind find very useful is swill army knife. Well, duh. It's a swiss army knife, who can't find it useful. Except for maybe Shamus from Family Guy, you know the guy with four posts for limbs. Anyways, let's get started. But first, yes they made this and you can buy it.

The knife above is most certainly overkill for what you need a knife for. But, I think everyone should be aware of its existence. 

Your most basic swiss army knives have five tools on them. Each of these have at lease one use. 
  1. scissors- cutting (duh) 
  2. tweezers- picking through your stash, cleaning (the edges are good for scraping)
  3. toothpick- cleaning
  4. blade- cleaning, making your own smoking devices, cutting 
  5. nail file with screwdriver- making your own smoking devices  
It would be easier for me to explain how I use my swiss army knife for you to get a feel for it's uses. When I am going to smoke the first thing I do is weigh my stash. I use the tweezers for this to make sure I get all of it onto the scale, so I know how much I have and how much I use. When I move it from the scale to where it will be smoked out of I also you use the tweezers, it can tend to stick to your fingers and you lose some. Then, I put away what I don't use again using the tweezers and the blade of the knife. I use it scrape off the top of the scale. If I don't have my grinder handy I'll use the tweezers to make a finer product that just pulling it apart will do, this will increase the surface volume. When I'm done I'll use the toothpick to push any ash into the ash catcher, to avoid it spilling out. Now, what about the nail file? If you make your own smoking device, when you cut plastic it can sometimes make a jagged edge which for me can mean a not air tight seal or that I will have to do more cutting to adjust the hole OR I just use the nail file to get it how I like. 

If you have swiss army knife with additional attachments that you use, share it here by commenting.