Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As promised, I am going to share a few clever ways for storing your stuff. From experience, I have learned the dos and don'ts of storing your stuff. Sometimes, that really good hiding spot ends up being how your stash is found. For example, a friend of mine had stored his in a backpack under the stairs of his deck for the longest time. He had two problems: 1) We had a minor flood which soaked his whole backpack, stash included 2) when his parents noticed that the lattice surrounding the deck was coming undone (at the spot where he was hiding his stash in particular, he got caught. SO, here are some suggestions that should be relatively full proof. But don't take that as meaning you won't get caught.

Light Switch

They actually sell kits for making a "light switch safe" but I believe there is no reason to spend money. This is easy, free, and actually kind of 007 esque.

The important thing here is to not get sloppy. Sure it seems like a genius idea but there are some faults. You have to watch that you don't screw up the wiring, break off dry wall when removing or replacing, leave smudges to make it seem like it has been tampered with, watch for odor, and most importantly that you put it back together correctly with all the screws and other pieces.

Back to School

One way that I have been messing with for a while is storing things in clever home made objects. This one shouldn't cost you any money either. All you need is scrap paper, a hole pinch, a stapler, and some tape.

It looks like an ordinary binder if you look at it, without opening it. But on the inside is a small box where you can easily hide stuff. You can get as creative and clever with this as you want. Mine looks really crappy because I made it while I was writing this article just so I had something to show you. But you basically make it look like there is paper in it from the top (you can do the bottom too), install some way of storing items like the bandaid box I used, and then put it on your book shelf. If you need a way to hide your favorite bourbon, you can use this way as well but it will only work for small bottles. Just tape them to the inside and viola.

These are just two ways that I think are pretty cool BUT there is honestly an unlimited number of ways for you to hide your stash, or anything really. The point is to hide it somewhere in some way that it won't be found by anyone other than you and it's safe. 

Comment below with whatever cool ways you store your stash. If it's something that I like, I'll feature it in this article.